What is DINE?

DINE, Durham's Innovative Nutrition Education program, is a school and community-based nutrition education program that serves the people of Durham, NC through all stages of life. Take a look around this site to learn more about DINE and to access some useful nutrition education materials.

Program Spotlights 

DPS Summer Camps

June 2018 - It's that time of year again! Summer camps are in full swing and the DINE team is testing out a new toolkit at DPS summer camps - Nutrition Trivia. DPS students are enjoying a game of Nutrition Trivia to test their nutrition knowledge and then participating in physical activity stations to get them moving and learn more about nutrition. Interested in using the toolkit. Email Raina Bunnag for more information.

DINE Cafeteria Taste Tests

April 2018 - The DINE School Team has partnered with Farmer Foodshare to conduct taste tests with local produce

 in elementary school cafeterias. Students try a local vegetable or fruit and receive engaging educational information during their regular lunch time. Then, they vote on how they like it! The elementary schools that have participated in these cafeteria taste tests thus far include: Club Blvd., Spring Valley, Hope Valley, EK Powe, Burton, WG Pearson, Holt, 

RN Harris, YE Smith, Eastway, and Eno Valley. 

happy National Nutrition MOnth!

March 2018 - The idea of healthy eating may seem very challenging when your budget is limited.  Because food is a controllable expense it may be easy to skimp on when money is tight. But what if you could eat right and save money? For National Nutrition Month® 2018, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics urges everyone to "Go Further with Food." By planning ahead and managing your money wisely, you can still serve meals that are appetizing, easy to prepare, and nutritious, while maintaining a budget.

How? Most of the cost-savings starts at home. Be a smart shopper and get more for your money by deciding in advance what foods to serve for meals and snacks. Do you want to learn more ways to eat healthy on a budget along with other healthy eating topics?  Visit www.eatright.org                                                  

Durham County Department of Public Health is supporting National Nutrition Month® 2018 by hosting multiple opportunities to learn how to ‘Go Further with Food’. Please attend one of the following events:

  • Healthy Eating on a Budget, March 27th 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., lobby of 414 E. Main Street
  • Grocery Store tour, March 23rd, 10 a.m., Food Lion at 3022 Fayetteville St. Register by calling Nasim Youssefi at 919-560-7890.

To find a personalized plan that works best for you and your family, consult a registered dietitian nutritionist by contacting the DCoDPH Nutrition clinic at 919-560-7791. For more information, visit www.dconc.gov

working together with our neighbor!

February 2018- DINE Nutritionists from the Durham County Department of Public Health are collaborating with Lincoln Community Health Center to bring cooking demos to their clients.  The goal of the collaboration is to increase the nutrition knowledge of Durham families by providing healthy recipes, nutrition tips, and information to help them eat healthy on a budget.  DINE Nutritionists encourage simple behavior changes that can lead to healthier eating habits and improved health. 

DINE Nutritionists provide cooking demos, recipes, and cooking tools as incentives.  The recipes are budget-friendly, healthy, and most importantly – delicious!  Some of the recipes they have made include Delicious 15 minute Soup, Black Bean Burgers, and Homemade Spinach Mac and Cheese.  Lincoln nutritionists advertise the cooking demos through posted fliers, overhead announcements, and through clinic appointments.  DINE Nutritionists plan to continue to provide cooking demos once a month at Lincoln. 

what do kids have in common with Plants?

February 2018 - What do we have in common with plants?  We both need nutrients to grow! The Kindergarten and third grade students at R.N. Harris Elementary are learning how to grow and care for vegetables this spring.  The Kindergarten students planted peas from seed while the third graders planted transplants of green cabbage.  Over the course of the next couple of months the students will weed, water and track the plants’ growth.  In class the students will be learning the importance of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to give their bodies all the vitamins and minerals they need to build healthy bodies.  The gardening/healthy eating series of classes will end with the students learning how to prepare a recipe that incorporates the vegetables they have grown in the school’s garden. 

Shower your heart with love this valentine's Day!

February 14, 2018 - This Valentine’s Day, one kindergarten class at Club Boulevard Elementary showed their love in a healthy and delicious way! Using resources provided by DINE Nutritionist Kayla Welch, the teachers planned and carried out a “Heart Healthy” Valentine’s Day Celebration. Parents provided healthy snacks for the celebration, and the children tried new foods and found something healthy to love!

Look what DINE students are cooking this month (January 2018)!

A gathering for good

December 2017- Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation and Durham County Department of Public Health DINE Childcare partnered up to strengthen Farm to Preschool resources in Durham. A Gathering for Good dinner was hosted and 16 different stakeholders attended, offering tips, ideas and suggestions for getting more fresh and local fruits and vegetables into the hands of one of our most vulnerable populations, preschoolers. For more information about this event, contact Meghan Brown.

DINE's first-ever MyPlate Color Run

October 2017 - On October 26th 2017 the DINE team took nutrition and fitness to another level with the first MyPlate Color Run at Spring Valley Elementary School. Part race, part obstacle course, this fun and educational event emphasized balanced nutrition and the importance of physical activity.

As students and families raced around Spring Valley’s campus, they encountered seven stations. Five stations represented the food groups from MyPlate, the USDA’s healthy eating model, and two stations represented the importance of hydration and physical activity. Each station featured fun food facts, a physical activity challenge, a taste-test, and, of course, a chance to be sprayed and splattered with the colored cornstarch that gives the color run its name.

Before race start, Shawnta Wright of Mindful Bodies lead a Zumba warm up to energize the crowd. After the race, Spring Valley’s PTA provided a delicious and nutritiously balanced dinner for all well-deserving participants.

The inaugural DINE MyPlate Color Run was a huge success with all the food knowledge, physical challenges, taste-tests and color explosions. DINE and Durham Schools are already looking forward to the second annual MyPlate Color Run.

Cooking skills for the whole family!

November 2017- This month, seven EDCI LEAP Academy families and their children participated in a bilingual ,interactive healthy cooking class provided by Meghan Brown, the DINE childcare nutritionist. Families made a quinoa salad and received a bag of ingredients, donated by the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, to recreate the meal at home.

Head start children enjoying more fruits and veggies!

October 2017 - A partnership between Durham County Department of Public Health, Durham Head Start and Childcare Services Association (CCSA) is bringing healthier food items and nutrition education to the children of Durham! Children of Head Start are receiving a season fruit or vegetable each month with their meals so that they get to taste foods that, potentially, they have never tried. Durham Head Start teachers are teaching about this fruit or vegetable in class each month to further encourage their children to accept it and eat it. Also, parents are getting nutrition education about the fruit or vegetable each month so they, too, can continue to encourage health eating at home. This multi-tier approach is really taking off thanks to the great support system within these organizations!

Healthy food pantries

October 2017 - This month, the DINE Healthy Environments Program partnered with the Chronic Care Initiative, End Hunger Durham, and the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC to offer a series of 3 nutrition workshops for food pantry operators and volunteers. During these workshops, food pantries got to learn about various nutrition topics such as eating a balanced diet and learning how to save money on healthy options at the store. Time for discussion on how to convey these messages to clients was given at every workshop, giving the pantries opportunities to get creative! In addition, they all worked on a questionnaire to assess their current status and created a goal plan to move towards improving the healthfulness of their pantries!

Happy Halloween!

October 2017 - Happy Halloween! Did you know that healthy foods can also be a fun way to celebrate Halloween? This month, students in the after-school program at Club Boulevard Elementary learned about healthy snacking and made frightening (but healthy!) Halloween snacks. DINE Nutritionist, Kayla Welch, worked with the after-school staff to help students make guacamole. The students then had fun using the guacamole and assorted fruits and veggies to make Guacamole Monsters!  

Having a great summer!

August 2017 - This summer, the DINE school team has been busy programming at many different summer camps with Durham Public Schools and WD Hill. Kids got some wiggles out playing fun nutrition games such as the MyPlate relay race, fruit and vegetable tag, fruit and veggie charades, and a mystery box where kids had to guess the food in the box. Campers then got to assemble their own healthy snacks Rainbow Sandwiches, Black Bean Mango Salsa, and Black Bean Watermelon Salsa.